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Located in the far East of Siberia, Yakutia is crossed by the Kolyma Highway. This 2032 km road travels between the capital of Yakutsk and port city of Magadan. 


Surrounded by mountains and frozen rivers, I photographed abandonned villages and empty valleys. I met people living and surviving in the extreme conditions of the region. In each person I shared a moment with, I found a piece myself.  

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I  remember the smell of each skin.

I remember your hands rubbing baby powder on my forehead, familiar faces smelling my cheeks to show affection, I remember the blue fan in the living room. 

Mosquitos and geckos at night, stray dogs and rice soup. I remember sleeping in Aunt Maï 's arms.


Bangkok is the home of which I am the stranger. 

It's a shelter suspended in time...